Wednesday, January 16, 2008


After spending last week with Bien in Dallas and being ridiculed for looking like this guy, I had no choice but to run the MLK FatAss in Eugene on Saturday. This was the second run in the FATSO (FatAss Trail Series of Oregon).

Saturday morning came really early as Chris, Darla, and Mave arrived at my house at 6 a.m. for the 2 1/2 hour drive over the mountains. The roads were kinda bad, but no traffic, so it was pretty much smooth sailing. We found the pretty empty Ridgeline trailhead without incident about 8:45. In true fatass fashion, runners showed up about 5-10 minutes before the 9 a.m. start.

This is a really fun singletrack trail, and fairly difficult considering it's in a city. As usual, the big group stayed together for the first 11 miles. At this point, Sascha was dragging, so I decided she was done for the day. I continued running with Dave and Kellyroy for most of the next 5 miles. Upon getting back to the cars to re-fuel, I saw the 2 front fast guys blazing by (Dan Olmstead and someone else). So I decided to do a little tempo work and took chase for the next 8 miles. Apparently my tempo was their pace, as I never closed the gap.

When I got back to the cars to re-fuel for the final 7 miles, Sascha said she was rested and wanted to join me again. So she did and we had a great time getting wet, muddy, hot, cold and wet again. On a much tougher course than last week's BadAss, I felt much stronger and cruised to a 5:28. Like at the BadAss, Sascha logged 18 for the day.

Chris, Darla, and Mave finished not too far back. Although Darla looked like she was going to finish ahead of Chris, Chris miraculously pulled out a super-late dash and crossed the line first. But in doing so, Chris took himself out of the yellow jersey for the FATSO and put Darla right in it. Actually, I think it was brilliant strategy by Darla. Mave put in a solid 20 for the day.

On Sunday, I decided to test out my new fast-red Pearl Izumi Streak shoes on my hilly, road 10 1/2 miler. It was a beautiful day, mid-40s, blue sky, gorgeous mountain views - perfect for shorts. I felt pretty good considering 50 hilly kilometers the previous day, and the new red shoes were pretty sweet. More reviews to come on those babies. In fact, they may even be in the running for my Boston shoe (for which I am now officially registered).

This Saturday, a whole gaggle of Central Oregonians - Chris, Darla, MUTS Stan and Maura, Jenn, and I - are headed south to the Rogue River for the 3rd of the FATSO runs, SOFA - Southern Oregon FatAss. I imagine those Rogue Valley Runners will be putting the hurt on us all.


Kendra Ralstin said...

Right, you're the spitting image of Coach Mangino and those rolls of cheesey fries hanging down off that chin.

Argentine Rocket said...
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Olga said...

No fries will ever affect your skinny frame, lucky man. So go ahead, indilge and leave me jealous!

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