Monday, January 28, 2008

FATSO, the Final Chapter: MadAss

That's it. The inaugural FatAss Trail Series of Oregon is over. Yay! Just to quickly re-cap, FATSO consists of the 4 fatasses in Oregon: BadAss (Millican), MLK (Eugene), SOFA (Galice), & MadAss (Madras). I think I can speak for pretty much everybody who ran in any of the four events and say that we all had a great time.

This was the 3rd annual MadAss and it had the highest number of entrants and by far the best weather yet. More than 30 runners gathered at the MUT (Madras Ultra Team) headquarters for a little briefing, then we were off. Nine of us ran the new 50k course, while 20+ opted for the 25ish km. Darla, Chris, and I pretty much had to run the 50k, as we were the only 3 competing for the title of Fattest Ass in Oregon (although they did throw a scare in me with there last-minute arrival).

I ran the first 6 miles with my Boston buddy Danny (who qualified at Eugene last April in 3:10:59 - not 1 second to spare!). He took the shorter option back to MUT headquarters while I caught up to Rod and Jenn (well, they stopped and waited for me, which they got pretty good at doing throughout the day). The rolling, open dirt roads were in great shape, so combine those with two fast friends, and the 3 of us were clipping along quite nicely, well, except when they were waiting for me. Unknown to us, Fatboy was less than 5 minutes back for most of the run. For the second week in a row, due to the single-loop nature of the course, Sascha had to sit this one out.

As we eventually wound our way back towards Madras, the wind was kindly pushing us from behind and definitely warmed things up. Bien in his Superman tights was definitely overdressed. Running in to Madras, we even came across the cool Grizzly roundabout. Then before we knew it, we were done with the MadAss. 4:12:00.

And I was done with the FATSO. I was kinda tired. Even though I didn't race any of these fatasses, just running all 4 in 21 days made me tired. Well, I did have my first triple mileage week since September, so that probably helped, too.

Sitting around MUT headquarters, anticipation was building over who would win the FATSO. Would Darla hold her extremely unfat 70 lead, or would Chris hop his way to victory? Soon enough, Chris came inside, sealing his fate in 2nd place. Darla happily finished 2 minutes later to the roaring cheers of her fans! She had won - Darla became the inaugural FATSO Champion, proving that she does, indeed, have the fattest ass in all of Oregon! Congratulations, Darla - we're all very proud of you!

Prizes? Oh yeah, there were some of those. Maura and Kathy graciously each knitted some really cool mittens for the 3 FATSO finishers, plus even a pair for the lone 3 out of 4er, Jenn (she was scared of MLK). Darla also won two well-deserved pints of Chubby Hubby ice cream. Hm, is that to keep her ass fat, or perhaps foreshadowing for her soon-to-be hubby?

FATSO Final Standings:
Darla 5:53 + 6:12:10 + 5:35 + 5:06 = 22:46:10
Chris 5:53 + 6:12:00 + 5:34 + 5:04 = 22:43:00
Me 5:19 + 5:28 + 5:21 + 4:12 = 20:20:00
Number of 50k Finishers / Total Participants for each FatAss:
BadAss 11 / 40ish
MLK 7 / 20ish
SOFA 18 / 31
MadAss 9 / 30ish

This was a really fun series (okay, maybe a bit geeky, too). Thanks to Darla and Chris for agreeing to run the whole series with me so I wouldn't be the only geek. And thank you to everyone who came out and had fun at each of the individual runs. This truly was January ultrarunning in Oregon at its finest.


Anonymous said...

Way fun. Slightly geeky - thanks - esp

Kendra Ralstin said...

If clever means geeky then yeah it was geeky. Not sure how it was scored though, but I think it's cool Darla won. I just sort of noticed you had the fastest cumulative time so I thought I'd ask. Bumping up the mileage in fine style! Now you can deflate your fatass with Pigtail's Flat Ass!

Olga said...

I knew this ending will come - there is no way you'd crawl:) Sounds like fun, I wish I could drive around and visit all the FA's in the winter, so many to pick from and so fun! Ah, another 6 years, and next kid gets out of school...

Matt Hart said...

way to go fatass.

saschasdad said...

The rules were that the person with the slowest cumulative time would win. This was to encourage even the fattest of asses to participate. It was obviously very ironic that Darla won the Miss Fattest Ass in Oregon title.