Thursday, February 4, 2010

Matt 'n Me

Matt and I first met at Where's Waldo 100 km in Aug., 2006, where he was pacing Krissy to the overall victory, and I played along the way trying to win the Wet Waldo award (I didn't). It was a short, brief meeting.

Matt and Me finishing Stage 2 of TransRockies 2008 (photo by iRunFar).

In 2007, Matt and I both had the same idea for a solo June road trip - drive to WY to run Bighorn (Matt in the 50 km, me in the 50 mi), play in the Tetons for a few days, then head to Tahoe to pace at WS. We decided to join forces, and somewhere between Spokane and the Tetons, a friendship was born.

Since then, we have had many epic adventures together: Tetons, Colonel's Summer Boot Camp, Colonel's Winter Boot Camp, Olympic Natl. Park, WS, Bighorn, and, of course, the most epic of running adventures ever, TransRockies.

TransRockies is the only race Matt and I have ever competed in together. But we were teammates, so we were (quite literally) pushing and pulling each other along there.
Me and Matt all cozy at Camp Hale (photo by iRunFar).

We have never raced head-to-head. This year, that's going to change. We're signed up for two of the same races.

This weekend we'll get our first grudge match at the Orcas Island 50 km. Matt is a former winner at Orcas. I've never run it. From past reports, it sounds like it's more of a Hart-friendly race. Plus, he has the course knowledge.

Epic duel / grudge match / battle royale #2 comes on May 29 at the Pocatello 50 m. I was third there last year. Matt has never run it. This course has very long ups and downs; most of the ups are runnable, which generally favors me.

So my dear friend Matt, here we have it: You and Me, man-o/man-o, Orcas and Pocatello, battle royale, survival of the fittest (fattest), death to the weak, winners rule/losers drool, etc, etc.

Whaddaya say, Matt...let's see who really has the biggest muscles! (photo by iRunFar)

I propose a friendly wager of sorts, my friend. No, that's not right. I propose a bet! Winner is the one with the lowest combined time of these two races.

The winnings? Let's leave it up to our blog readers to come up with something. And it can't be something lame like money; besides the fact that neither of us has very much of that, money is just so impersonal. The loser of this bet needs to hurt. Embarrassment is a plus.

So dear readers (hopefully of both of our blogs, if Hart takes the bait), we leave it up to you; please comment with who you think will win, and what the bet should be.

Added Feb. 5 - Hart's response.


Breeves2000 said...

I propose the loser shall crew for the other in a race of his choice while wearing a dress or pink tutu. While crewing, the loser shall hold up signs proclaiming the other to be the supreme idol representing the running gods.

mariko said...

I don't know either of you, so I feel a bit presumptuous stating my opinions. I think the loser should have to do something involving shimmery spandex and dance moves. The winner should be showered with hundreds of homemade cookies or beer, if that is preferable. May the best man win!

Carmen said...

I would agree with "Good Ben"...and I've seen Sean in a really cute yellow skirt at Hagg Lake a couple times. It would probably fit Matt Hart just incase he had to wear it. GO GET 'EM BOYS!

Anonymous said...

hmmm, this could be interesting Im going to be watching the show down at Orcas but I may take the trip to Idaho just to watch part 2.

I like Ben's Idea alot and its not graphic I was going to suggest some sort of streaking but that could be demeaning but I think the loser should also wear make-up and wear pink finger nail polish.

Brad Mitchell said...

I think Ben is on track - loser wears a dress (floral/colorful)and make up while crewing for the winner. But it can't be at a race where costumes are encouraged at aid stations, otherwise Loser just blends in. Loser also WEARS a sign, like a small A-frame, stating he is the Loser and that Winner is the supreme runner, etc,etc.
Good luck boys! I'm giving Sean the advantage.

William Swint said...

Loser gets winners name tatooed tramp stamp style. That would hurt a bit.

Pam said...

Ok,does anybody else think this post is kind of like Briar Rabbit begging "Please don't throw me in the Briar patch!"?

Sean VOLUNTARILY wears silly stuff to races! Seriously, Sean has raced/paced in a skirt more than any of my girlfriends. And let's not forget Richard Simmons!

Unfortunately, I don't have a better suggestion, so if it is an outfit it needs to be really outrageous!

Anonymous said...

Oh, the pink dress or tutu thing sounds perfect for Sean, along with the makeup. He's alway liked that. Maybe a pink headband, with a flower on it, would look pretty, too. Oh, I forgot, it might be Matt wearing this. Hope he likes pink.

TD said...


I spoke with Mateo on his way up there via cell phone. We discussed strategy. Trust me if he employs my suggestion more than your ego will be crippled. And you don't stand a chance. If he doesn't well...

Anonymous said...

Winner, upon winning, puts his unwashed shirt in a ziplock bag, to remain sealed until the start of the loser's next race, where loser must wear said shirt, still unwashed.

Anonymous said...

loser has to rock a moustache for the last 6 months of the year.

or, loser has to try to run an Ultra in a pair of North Face shoes. ha, good luck with that.

saschasdad said...

There are too many anons. on here. We love the suggestions! The unwashed shirt in the ziplock made me laugh pretty hard...and then I read the 'stache suggestion. That one is AWESOME - especially for 2 single guys who do, in fact, actually like girls. That would pretty much guarantee zero dates for those 6 months!

Dave said...

I like the "stache" idea so in addition, loser runs in a speedo, "Krupicka" style. Yeah, you know what that means. :) shoes / speedo / stache!

Matt said...

Sorry for the Anon. I had the stinky shirt suggestion, but the stash idea rocks. We're talking big, 70's porn mustache, right?

annette bednosky said...

Soooo...I am snowbound in western NC and routing big time for both of you...please inform you "followers" of this fun, endurance ridden outcome! I cheer for you I won't be surprised whatever outcome...Congrats in advance, however!

Meghan said...

Doesn't anyone think it's funny that Sean seeks from people like us excuses to wear dresses, finger and toe nail polish, and pretty skirts?! Me thinks he LIKES it! ;)

Sean and Matt, I hope you didn't break each other today. It's too early in the season! ;)

Be well kind Sean!

(Leslie says hello from the desert as well! :)

Jamie Donaldson said...

I wish I saw this before your race! Yes, the dress thing is a reward for you Sean! So, that can't be it! I've see you rock a women's pink tank and tulip skirt like no body's business!