Saturday, January 16, 2010

For Meghan

Ok, since someone finally noted that Christmas has long-since passed, I figure it's time to put up a post. I was actually hoping to do my Bandera write-up today, but I ended up playing in the BLM Grasslands north of Grey Butte with some buddies at their annual Rabbit Camp.

Now it's almost bed time, and I'm going to bed early tonight because I'm getting up extra early tomorrow to drive to the bustling town of Turner to run the Cascade 1/2 Marathon. I ran it last year and surprised myself with a 1:15:57 p.r. This year I feel faster and have better leg speed than I did last January, thanks in large part to Max's Tuesday night workouts. So naturally, I'm going for another p.r. Low-1:15s would be cool, but 1:14:xx doesn't sound too bad, either.

This picture of last year's race made it into this month's Runner's World. I'm the cool guy in the middle with the red shorts and black Outlaws singlet.

As has become normal in Salem-area races, I'm looking forward to seeing Luvin's outfit, courtesy of losing yet another bet to William. As always, it will be fun to run with Ness. And I'm expecting nothing less than a p.r. from Rooster!


TonyP said...

Good Luck!

Meghan said...

OH WOW, a post dedicated to me! I will ignore the fine set of jabs loosed at me in this post, and focus on the "Sean is nice" aspect of it. Hope you're havin' a fine race right about now, and come back with a PR!

Chris said...

Sean--I'm the really tall guy that met you at the Montrail shoe exhibit at Bandera pre race. Would love to get your thoughts about Bandera.

sharmanian said...

I see you got close. Were you on for it til near the end? It'll come soon.

Half's a difficult distance, as is 10k. I'm sure it's easier to nail a marathon for us given we're more used to a longer, slightly gentler pace.

Unknown said...

OMG i totally bailed on the run even though i said i was going to be there!!! and you even put me in the blog post! that's what happens when i don't pre-register, and well, I should have more spirit, but i did get a good run in. looking fwd to Hagg!

JCaba said...

Nice run Sean. Did you puke?