Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Yeah, I could attempt to write some stuff. But Hart and Goat are totally geeked-out with their fancy iPhones, which they're both obviously addicted to, so they've both been blogging almost non-stop about this cool little adventure. So check it all out from their sites.
TransRockies website for results, photos, etc

Well, I'll throw a little out there for you. Yesterday was a pretty flat 13 miles. Hart suffered and I kinda enjoyed the course (and a guy proposed to his girlfriend at the finish - it was pretty cool). Today was a 10 miler up and over Hope Pass. Hart enjoyed it (as did I), but I suffered A LOT! I thought of Bien saying that he would rather suffer a little for a long time than a lot for a little time. Amen, brotha. I even got a cool bloody nose (no surprise to anyone who ever runs with me). Basically, Hart got sick of me attempting to run, so he beat me up.

Tomorrow we finally get a long stage, 24 miles. I have confidence we will make up time.

P.S. Max and Erik are really fast! They're in a close race for first, but I'm calling it now: Team Oregon is going to win.


Darin Swanson said...

All this suffering...so much fun to read :-)

Now I don't have a fancy iPhone either and I can't seem to even find the link for results on the web page...can you help another Luddite out with a direct link?

Keep having fun!

nanv said...

Hang in there Sean. I know you can do it. Persistance counts. Sounds like you're having a great time, over all. It's fun reading the different blogs. WHEW! Better than being there. Keep up the good work. Call if you get a chance. xo (Get those cheaters)

Meghan said...

Yeah even though you're partner was addicted to his iPhone, you should still write about the race.

At the very least, I think your fans would like to know about your handlebar mustache and the way you rub your nipples when you're drunk.

Oops, did I say too much? You better not delete this comment.


saschasdad said...

I hope you were eventually able to find the results, as I think they're now on the main site.

Thanks for always being my best fan!

I'm laughing so hard right now that I don't know what to say. And as you learned this past week, I'm not a "speechless" kind of guy.

Soon, my thoughts will appear...soon.

I haven't deleted a comment yet, so you're pretty safe. But I must say that you are a darn good line-walker:)!

Leslie's Keith said...

Sean! Is the 'stache' still there?? We have pictures!

Thanks for being such a riot to hang with at the TR...really thought we'd find you sleeping in the grass at Denny's Sunday morning...good job finding 'home'!

Leslie can teach you to ride a jackelope anytime...c'mon up for a visit...