Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Weekend results

Contrary to popular belief, the WS lottery wasn't the only running event being contested this past weekend. Here's a brief list of some friends and how they did:

-Josh Nordell, Tucson Marathon, 2:49:36, 8th o.a.
-Ashley Nordell, High Desert 50k, 4:11:21, 1st girl, 8th o.a.
-Rod Bien, TNF 50 mile, 7:57:38, 5th o.a.
-Jenn Shelton, TNF 50 mile, 8:22:19, 2nd girl, 7th o.a.
-Paul Saladino, TNF 50 mile, 8:36:53, 10th o.a.
-Meghan Arbogast, Cal. International Marathon, 2:45:43, 10th girl, 1st masters girl, 59th o.a. -
Olympic Trials Qualifier!
-Lucia Olivera, Gar Williams 1/2 Marathon, 1:48:40, p.r.!

Great running, my friends.


Olga said...

Welcome to bloglines, and congrats on awesome JFK!!!

Argentine Rocket said...
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