Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Canadian Death Race in Pictures

Thank to you to the Grand Cache Mountaineer and Bryon for capturing a bit of my Death Race adventure in pictures.

The mud begins...

No way around (this must have been
just before I went down).

Bryon, it's so good to see you! (going down Mt. Hamel in leg 4)

My legs got dirty (down Mt. Hamel, leg 4)

Pretty snazzy how I clip my empty handheld to a
caribiner on my pack! (headed down Mt. Hamel, leg 4)

Although I only wore it for 40 minutes,
it felt so good to take off the headlamp (finish line)

Sometime when you finish, you're thirsty...

...sometimes you need a hug (thanks, Bryon!)...

...and sometimes, you look like Hell!


Funnyrunner said...

holy cow. congrats. Love Sascha- she's beautiful. My German Shepherd, Sophie, is my training partner... although I don't do ultras... just marathons.

Anonymous said...

You're an extraordinary athlete. Congrats on the win!

Jamie Donaldson said...

Some of those pics look like they came out of Trail Runner! Really awesome! You are the man...will you sign my ceiling?

Meghan said...

Yeah, Sean! You look waaaaaaay better than after WS100, I gotta tell you. I can't think of a more deserving person for a helluva win. Yipster for you!

Good luck this weekend!

Hart said...

great stuff