Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day... my two favorite Valentines!

And here they are kissing each other...should I be jealous?


Bryon Powell said...

Dood, Hart is gonna be so jealous! I still remember the stories you two told of your nights at TRR.

saschasdad said...

Goat, if I would have dedicated this post to my two second-favorite Valentines, I would have put up one picture of the many TR pictures of you and Hart smooching...ah, there were so many. And you guys were just so darn cute; how could I be jealous?

Bryon Powell said...

Oh, the memories... oh, the photographic proof of the memories.

Sunshine Girl said...


Hart said...

i am blind with jealous rage right now!

it's cute meissner but don't think this "girlfriend" gets a hall pass until i meet AND ok her.

..and it's a scientific fact that girls knock 30-40% off your average weekly mileage. keep that in mind.

Gina said...

This "girlfriend" would like to remind Hart that Sean has been PRing and winning since the addition of said "girlfriend" to his crazybusyrunning lifestyle. Coincidence? Not likely. Does the research say anything about inspiration making up for the missing 30-40%?

Meghan said...

Doods, I'm so late to this discussion!

I soundly recall Matt kissing and otherwise molesting an oversized fuzzy bear in Vail that was surely covered with the germs of a million children's hands. I even have pics of that!

It's awesome that Gina arrived to defend herself. You rock, girl!

Hope you're well, Sean!