Friday, October 31, 2008

Funny Stuff

My good buddy sent this to me. Now, I don't care what your political affiliation is, but this is superduperpuper funny:

After many requests to update my blog so Punkin' Butt wasn't the first thing you see, I decided to replace that picture with this one:

Punky Brewster & Richard Simmons at an 80's Halloween Party!


Darin Swanson said...

We liked it! As a Canadian living in the US (who cannot vote in either country)...I can safely laugh at all sides :-)

William Swint said...

That's an awesome video. The old lady is my favorite.

WynnMan said...

Hey Sean! Thanks for the kind words, yep it was a scorcher out there and constantly rolling hills. Nice work at the Marathon! Looks like you're in tiptop.

love the picture of you taking pulls off the hair of the dog.

Brad Mitchell said...

Nice job at Lithia! I have that run on my radar for next season.

Rooster said...

Wow, Sean that is awesome! You have a striking resemblance to the real guy...what fun

Makita said...

Great costumes! You both look awesome! :D

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