Monday, September 1, 2008

TransRockies Run

Real quick here (I'll write a biggie later): TransRockies was easily my best running adventure to date. Nothing even comes close - and I've done many, many, MANY cool running adventures in my life. Obviously I wish Sascha could have joined in the fun, but some of my new friends reminded me of her.

Thanks for all of the e-mails, voicemails, texts, etc., during the week wishing me well. I really appreciate all of the support.

Matt Hart is the best teammate. Ever.


Jen Segger-Gigg said...

Way to shred up the mountains! Nice work to you and Hart at TR. You guys killed it out there! seegs

Meghan said...

Uh, Leslie and I remind you of your dog? Dood, that's not very nice!

You can't say that we remind you of your dog and not take a bunch of crap for it. And, I only said "crap" instead of one of the big boy words because your mom won't like your friends if we swear on your blog comments.

I'm not like your dog,

Jamie Donaldson said...

Sean--glad you had a great Colorado adventure!


Sunshine Girl said...

Does Sascha like to ride Jackelopes?

olga said...

You were mean to Meg and Les??? Man, I don't know...good run, Sean!

saschasdad said...

Thanks for the kudos, Seegs. Matt and I had a blast. We both wish we would have finished higher, but it was still awesome.

Meghan, you've clearly never met Sascha. Anyone that reminds me of her is pretty cool. She's sweet, very sexy, loves to run, rolls in stinky things, and catches chipmunks. You only WISH you were like Sascha!

Jamie, I love your state - it rocks! Sorry about Leanhorse. I think you made a wise decision. Plus, you're having such a kick-ass season!

SG, Sascha eats jackalopes!

Russia girl, come on, you weren't even there. Who are you gonna believe? A guy you've known for many years (and fellow Oregon Trail Series rd), or those 2 liars?

Rooster said...

Awesome Sean! Sounds like a great adventure and some well done running too! What's next, pacing duties at AC?

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