Thursday, December 13, 2007

Weekend Results

Some results from the few events that I could find from this past weekend:

Hellgate 100k:
Aaron Schwartzbard, 11:28:13, 1st o/a
Annette Bednosky, 13:26:25, 1st girl, 9th o/a

Sunmart 50m:
Jaroslaw Janicki, 6:07:45, 1st o/a
Norimi Sakurai, 6:34:57, 1st girl, 4th o/a
Akos Konya, 6:35:13, 5th o/a

Sunmart 50k:
Jim Harrington, 3:42:32, 1st o/a
Andrea Jarzombek, 3:46:11, 1st girl, 2nd o/a
Wendy Terris, 3:51:58, 2nd girl, 3rd o/a

Tallahassee Ultra Distance Classic 50m:
Jack McDermott, 6:41:23, 1st o/a
Amy Costa, 7:21:48, 1st girl, 2nd o/a

Tallahasse Ultra Distance Classic 50k:
Thierry Asselin, 3:30:25, 1st o/a
Olivia Swedberg, 4:44:39, 1st girl, 10th o/a

In other weekend ultra news, Way Too Cool 50k once again sold-out in quick fashion to the first 450 quick typers. Perhaps 6 of those typers will also be making their way to the WS100 starting line.

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