Wednesday, March 19, 2008

A New Ride and a Race

The price of diesel has skyrocketed in the last month. In mid-February, I was paying $3.17. A few days ago, it finally hit $4.00. My Tahoe has a 30 gallon tank, which makes for a solid $100+ fill-up. I didn't know what my breaking point was, but apparently 4 bucks is it. Last Thursday I scanned Craigslist for a mid-90s compact for a fare deal. It didn't have to be super-pretty or super-low miles, just something that got the job done, was dependable, and saved me lots of $$$ on gas. Along came a '97 Honda Civic Hatchback, 71,500 miles (seriously), fully manual. $3,200. Wowzers...I called on that one immediately. I had an '85 Civic Hatchback through college and a few years beyond and loved it. The owner said someone was driving over from Portland the next day to check it out, and probably buy it. Bummer.

But he calls back a few hours later because the mountain pass is too snowy and the guy can't make it. Sweet! I checked it out on Friday morning and the owner immediately showed me the two little dents. Big deal. So I took it out for a nice 30 minute spin and had forgotten how fun and zippy little Civics can be. I told him I'll take it! And none too soon, as 6 others had called just while I was driving it. I didn't haggle over the price as it was extremely fairly priced at $1000 below KBB. We arranged for me to pick it up on Saturday, which I did, and am super-excited about my new purchase.

Before picking up my new ride on Saturday, that morning was the kick-off to the 2008 Central Oregon Running Season. Grin and Bear It 5k/10k. I had tried to recruit as many friends to come out and run as possible, sporting their new Fleet Feet Bend shirts. Besides there being a biggest-team competition, I just thought it would be great advertising. And it would make Rod proud.

Rod and fam were going to come out and do the Family Fun Walk. Katie was hoping it would help her go into labor. No help was necessary, as the Biens were absent for the race. I knew why, and later got the good news: Noah Kent Bien, 9lbs, 6oz! Big boy in that little woman. Congratulations, my friends!

So four of us showed up sporting the Fleet Feet shirts: Jenn Shelton, Carly (last name?), Billy Barnett, and me. Although we didn't win the biggest-team award, we had some solid races. After starting out WAY too fast, Billy, Jenn, and I all faded in the second half, but still placed well. Billy got 2nd, I was 4th, and Jenn was 7th/1st girl. Results aren't posted yet, so I don't know how Carly's race went. But she was smiling at the finish - so that's a good thing!

After the race, I picked up my new ride! I was excited and wanted to drive it somewhere. Since Bien was busy having a baby, that meant I had the weekend off. So I decided to test out the Civic on the pass and drive over to Salem to help some friends...and to attend their St. Paddy's Party. It was fun hanging out with friends that I don't get to see too often. The party was good, the drinking was good, the leg wrestling was good (I whooped my fierce opponent), and my green outfit was the best. I even went to bed giving myself the option of driving to Portland in the morning to run the Shamrock Run 15k. Yeah, that didn't happen.

Sascha and I got back to Sisters safely in the Civic (which performed flawlessly and only used about 6 gallons of gas in that 220 mile roundtrip!), then headed out for a 16 on the Rumble course. The course is looking good, folks.

Since I could only drive one vehicle back from Bend to Sisters on Saturday, the Tahoe was still in Bend. No problem, I'll just run to Bend on Monday and get it. So that's what I did. And since it was St. Patrick's Day, I wore my camo Moeben armsleeves. I felt sluggish for the first hour, then warmed up, got in a groove, and after 26 nice, backroad miles in 3:20, I was in Bend. Good start to the week.

Rod and I have been hammering at Fleet Feet everyday this week. We've still got a long way to go, and a short time to get there. But it's all good. We're having fun and we're still friends!

My running goals for the next 2 weeks are to get lots of miles in general, and specifically, lots of quality miles. I don't feel as fit as I should with Boston only 33 days away. I'm running a 1/2 marathon on March 29, so I'm hoping that will tell me how fit I am. Oh, speaking of Boston, bib numbers are posted. I'm 1351. The lowest bib number I found is currently 1051. So I think that means my qualifier was the 301st fastest out of 25,000. Well, so far, anyway, as the elites and other special runners haven't been assigned #s yet.

Check out our new Fleet Feet Bend blog!


RNess said...

Congrats on the civic! It's hard to find 90s hatchbacks that aren't 'modified' with super loud exhaust. does yours have loud pipes or what?!

Rooster said...

Great job on the new car and the abundant gas mileage! Running from Sisters to Bend to pick up your car.....a true ultra runner you are. :) We missed you at Chucky, we were skanning the crowd for the skirt???

Have fun with the new store and tell Rod congrats from the Portland gang!

saschasdad said...

It's a plain old Civic, no stupid crap added. Maybe I'll post a picture soon. It really is pretty sweet!

Sorry I missed Chuck, Rooster. It looked like the usually cold, wet, mud-fest that it's known for (and that Hagg used to be known for!). But I'm being good and not racing anything long until Boston. It worked for JFK, so hopefully...

Peter Lubbers said...

Good luck with the new ride.
As it turned out, I was in Portland running the Shamrock 15K. Next time I'll try to visit Bend when I'm in Oregon...
Take care,